Consulting Invoice Template

Consulting is an important process in the business world. Ideas and advices may be freely available but need not be free of charge always. Consultants who are experts in certain areas make a living giving appropriate advice and training where they are paid for their services rendered.

* Company Name & Logo

* Company Address & Contact

* Client’s Name & Address

* Client’s Contact Information

* Commencement Date

* Billing Date

The body of the consulting invoice template registers the details of the services rendered in various columns to confirm the transaction:

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Number of Consulting Hours

* Rate Per hour

* Total

The consulting invoice can fill in more than one consulting service in the above columns; it can be one consulting invoice per job or task where there is a weekly consultation until the end of the project. A consulting invoice can be raised on a monthly basis.

* Inquiry Code

* Quotation Code

* Contract Code

* Account Number of Client

* Customer Identification

The above information are relevant and important to the recipient concerning the request for the consultation as per quotation and contract.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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