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Academic Advisor Resume Template

Every student requires a good and caring academic advisor to guide and counsel. Hence, the qualifications of the academic advisor are very high and this authority is very well sought after.

The title of an academic advisor is a high position one that is very noble. An academic advisor resume must be well written to project the good image of the position. It must contain the relevant information to allow the employer to be able to gauge the suitability of the candidate as an academic advisor.

An academic advisor resume is an important document which will state the personal details, academic qualifications and experience of the candidate for the position of an academic advisor.

Besides the mentioned, the academic advisor resume should state the objective of the academic advisor which would be focused on the learners or students under his charge. The resume should also cover the skills and the career achievements of the individual.

These are relevant information for the consideration of the hiring employer or relevant authority to consider the suitability of the resume holder.

An academic advisor resume template may have the following information:

* Advisor’s Name & Address

* Contact number

* Email address

* Education details

* Corresponding institutions of study

* Academic Achievements

* Academic Qualifications

* Skills

* Career Achievements

* Work Experience

* Literary accomplishments

* Special awards / achievements

* Referees

An academic advisor is usually needed in academic environment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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