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Academic Award Certificates Template

An academic award certificate is an important piece of document for any graduate. Every student’s objective in his studies is to secure that piece of paper that states his skills and qualification in a particular field or discipline.

Many months or years of hard work over his studies have been put in to obtain that academic award certificate. It is usually awarded by the academic body of the learning institution on a regular basis.

This simple but important piece of paper recognizes the graduate’s hard work and quality of knowledge and skills proven by his passes in his studies. The certificate displays the name of the graduate and the course of study undertaken successfully by the graduate.

It also displays the learning institution name, date of award and the category. There would be authoritative signatories on the award to validate the certificate with its relevant and official chop.

An academic award certificate may have the following components:

* Award Certificate Title

* Graduate’s Name

* Learning Institution Name and Logo

* Area of Specialization

* Date

* Awarding Authority signatories

* Official stamps

The Award certificate normally has a standard declaration statement to proclaim its purpose such as “This award certificate is presented to <Award Recipient’s Name>”

The academic award certificate is presented to the recipient in a special public ceremony after the graduate is proven to qualify for the award; that is, having passed his conditions of study satisfactorily.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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