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Academic Book Template

Books are important components in a child or student’s life. Reading is a good habit to be inculcated in our society, especially in the younger generation. Academic books are necessary in a student’s life. There are many academic books which a student has to read in every academic year. It is not just the text for every subject the student takes; there are reference books that must be read for extra information and development of the mind and logic.

It is a good practice to adopt an academic book log to record how much information a student has undertaken in an academic year. This will reflect how much interest a student has towards his studies. It is wise to read sufficient academic or related books to prepare oneself for the desired vocation. An academic book log may be a requirement by the teacher as a disciplinary measure of the student’s good academic practices.

An academic book template will have the following information:

* Student’s Name & Grade

* Teacher’s Name

* Class

* Book Title

* ISBN of book

* Subject

* Description of book chapter

* Date of reading

* Notes on read pages

The student should record the above information as a track of his reading and revision habits. This will help him to understand how much study has been done and how effective it is. The teacher can check and confirm on the student’s reading habits.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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