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Academic Calendar Template

A student needs to know when is his academic year; that is, when does his school term starts and ends.

There are usually 8-9 months of school although different countries and schools may differ. Most international schools commence in September with a break in December before continuing the second term in January and ending in April.

A student should be well-versed with his academic school terms so that he is well prepared to handle his studies. A student who is aware of his academic year will prepare for the relevant tests and projects well as he tracks the time he has.

An academic year calendar is very much like an ordinary year calendar except that it starts from September of one year to April of the next year.

An academic year calendar can come in any form but usually lists the calendar months of each term with its dates. It can also list out the special events happening on each month for the student to note, such as exams and public holidays.

Sometimes, the school’s programs are also listed on the academic year calendar on the respective month to encourage student participation, such as Charity Day, Clubs & Society Day and Orientation.

The academic year calendar template can display the following columns:

* Month

* Year

* Dates

* Day

* Special events

* Diagrams

* Colors

An academic year calendar can be colorful with pictures and designs to make it attractive and useful to the student.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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