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Academic Form Template

Education is very important for each child or person who wishes to pursue success in today’s world. There are certain levels of education which one must go through to gain sufficient knowledge and skills for self-dependency in life.

At each educational stage, there will be coursework, assignments, tests and examinations to check on your progress in learning the stuff that has been taught. There will be a record of your grades which are to inform you of your progress in accumulating and applying the learned knowledge. All these information has to be recorded carefully.

Potential employers will refer to such information after you come out of school to evaluate your suitability for a post in their organization. This information is usually placed in an Academic Form for every student or learner. The process is the same for full time or part time learners.

The Academic Form is an important piece of document which records the student’s personal and academic details. Every subject taken in the enrolled course is recorded with its grades for assignments, tests, examinations or even projects.

An academic form template may contain the following information:

* Student’s Name & Address

* Age / Birth date

* Current Grade / Level

* Teacher’s Name

* Term of Study

* Subject

* Assignments Grade

* Tests Grade

* Co-curricular activities grades

* Examination grades

* Project grades

* Skills grades

* Sub-total of all grades

* Average grade

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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