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Academic Letters Template

Academic letters are written from the school authority to the parents or the students. They serve to inform or update the parents/students on matters related to the school or education of the students.

It can be a school letter inviting parents to a school function such as the Parents-Teachers Association meeting, a school concert, sports day or a donation drive campaign. It can also be a letter to get the parent’s consent for the student to be involved in some community project or an excursion.

Academic letters are formal letters which must be well written and clear in its objective with the details of the function stated in the letter. The academic letters are usually signed by the highest authority in the school such as the school headmaster.

Academic letters should be written on the school’s letterhead so that parents can confirm its originality and genuineness of the stated matter. Academic letters can be informative which require no response from the recipient or it may invoke a response or comment, depending on the subject matter. If it is to a wide list of recipients, the specific recipient names need not be typed into the academic letter which allows many standard academic letters to be distributed.

Academic letters template can have the following components:

* School’s name & address

* Date of letter

* Reference

* Greetings / Salutations

* Objective of letter

* Details

* Consent

* Signatories

* Contact person and number

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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