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Academic Resume Template

After you have completed school, it would be time to look for a job. To help you is the Academic Resume which lists all the important elements for your potential employer to consider hiring you.

An academic resume is an important document which states your personal details as well as your academic results along with your curricular activities involvement during your academic years.

A well written academic resume will impress the potential employer to grant you an interview; if not, the applied job.

It should contain all relevant experience to showcase your skills besides knowledge, listing your part-time or temporary work experience as well as literary works, if any. It should state your relevant personal details and your qualifications clearly for a good understanding of your knowledge and academic background. The hiring employer will use all the above information to match your suitability to the vacancies in the company before calling you to an interview or hiring you.

An academic resume template contains the following sections:

* Job Applicant’s Name & Address

* Birth date

* Contact number

* Email address

* All levels of education

* Corresponding institutions of study

* Academic Achievements

* Academic Qualifications

* Co-curricular activities

* Co-Curricular positions

* Work Experience

* Literary accomplishments

* Special awards / achievements

* Referees

An academic resume may list the special achievements such as “Dean’s List Recipient for <year>”, “Sportsman of the Year” and other accolades achieved during the academic terms.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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