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Accountant Resume Template

An accountant is a lucrative profession which many work very hard for. It is an ideal job for those who love figures and keeping of accounts. An accountant needs to be able to track the full set of accounts and identify how the funds of the company are being used as well as be accountable for its dispensation.

An accountant resume will list down the accountant’s personal information besides the academic results and qualifications of the accountant. The resume should encompass his career objective and the reason for a change of job that should allow potential employers to consider him for the post of accountant in their company.

An accountant resume should be well written to impress the recipient to request an interview with the accountant. It should have the skills and career achievements listed accurately for every recipient to understand the qualities of a good accountant. The experience of an accountant is very important to determine how beneficial the accountant will be to the company. Besides controlling and posting balanced sheets account, the accountant must also prepare management accounts, audit accounts and analysis of variances.

An accountant resume template contains the following sections:

* Accountant’s Name & Address

* Personal contact information

* Education information

* Academic Qualifications & Achievements

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Career Objectives

* Referees

An accountant resume can also attach relevant certificates as proofs of his qualifications and achievements.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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