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Acknowledgement Receipt Template

It is important to acknowledge the receipt of some goods or products from a company to ensure no future disputes over the delivery. It is a good safeguard measure that most businesses take on in any sale and purchase transaction.

The acknowledgement receipt is a simple document which registers the pieces of items that are delivered to another, be it individual or company, who signs on the acknowledgement form to confirm receiving the items. The acknowledgement receipt also acknowledges the delivered items are received in good condition, of which the recipient should check before signing the acknowledgement receipt form.

An acknowledgement receipt template header can record the following information:

* Title

* Company Name & Full Address

* Customer Name & Full Address

* Customer contact information

The body of the acknowledgement receipt template should include:

* Item Delivered

* Description of items delivered

* Item Serial number

At the bottom of the acknowledgement receipt is the signatory section where the recipient is to sign his name to acknowledge delivery of the items stated in the body of the acknowledgement receipt form. Usually the name and identification number are to be stated beside the signature.

The acknowledgement receipt form is usually passed to the recipient upon delivery of goods; sometimes, the recipient may choose to write to the sender to confirm receiving the delivered goods, as when they come by post. Hence, the acknowledgement receipt would be a simple letter confirming the receipt of goods delivered.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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