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A Resume is an important piece of document which a job applicant would send to potential employers for viewing and consideration of employment offer. A resume contains personal information about the individual who is seeking employment or acceptance into an environment such as candidacy to a high post in a non-work related environment.

A resume also contains the educational path and achievements, skills, career objective, career achievements and experience. It would normally include references for the potential employer to check out the validity of the resume contents as well as to confirm the attitude and character of the applicant.

A resume is usually written in point form although the format is formal. It is divided into the various categories for easy reading.

An acting resume is similar except for its contents. The applicant is supposedly an actor or actress who wishes to secure an acting position in a related environment, such as TV, movies, video, film, drama, theatres. The applicant who sends in an acting resume will include his related training and experience in acting, his awards and accolades for acting, the movies or programs that he has acted in. His references would include good comments about his acting besides character from producers, sponsors and directors of films and plays.

An acting resume template contains the following sections:

* Applicant personal information

* Name, address, contact number

* Date of Birth, gender

* Career Objective

* Educational achievements

* Skills

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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