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Time is a precious commodity which everyone wants to use their 24 hours wisely. Hence, an activity log would be a useful tool to identify the tasks to be done each day. The activity log is able to provide assistance to the user on good time management where the user can refer to the log for any outstanding activities to be completed for the day.

An activity log can be on a daily basis which gives more space to record the tasks to be performed. It can be a very simple piece of document that can enhance the user’s life. The activity log can be of just two columns.

The activity log template usually comprises:

* Date

* Time of Day

* Description of activity

But the user can also add in his name for a personal touch.

The Time of Day column records activities on an hourly or half hourly basis, depending on the user’s requirements. It is up to the user to decide how he wants to list his activities on the activity log. Brief descriptions of activities or detailed information can be recorded depending on importance of activity and space within the time frame of the activity.

The Time of Day column can start from whatever time the user chooses; usually it commences with the hour the user is up in the morning or when he is ready to tackle the day’s activities. It is up to the user.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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