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Acting is a meaningful career to many who likes the stage or screen presence. One can be an actor in various platforms: TV, movies, video, film, drama, theatres. Since acting is also a profession, an aspiring actor would need to submit his resume to potential filming or media organizations for hire considerations. A young start up actor usually faces difficulty in securing good acting roles. A first break is always essential in displaying his acting skills.

Hence, an actor resume is important to convince the potential employers for a job opportunity. An actor resume is similar to a typical resume where personal information is listed down, with career objectives, educational path, acting achievements, skills, and experience. It would normally include references for the potential employer to check out the validity of the resume contents as well as to confirm the attitude and character of the applicant.

An actor resume is usually written in point form with a formal format although it can be a bit more elaborative than the normal resume.

An actor resume must be impressive as there are hundreds of potential and aspiring actors who want to make it on the big screen. It is the hope of these actors who want to be a celebrity in Hollywood.

An actor resume template contains the following sections:

* Actor’s personal information

* Educational path and achievements

* Experience

* Identification of plays, movies, films involvement

* Skills

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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