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There are many people who desire to be actors. They like to put on a pretense of another character which is totally different from their own. They enjoy entertaining others through the various characters they take on. Hence, acting is a meaningful career to many who likes the stage or screen presence. One can be an actor in various platforms: TV, movies, video, film, drama, theatres. An actor would hope for a big break or opportunity which can take him further in his acting career as acting is a profession.

Actors too need a resume to give to potential filming production houses for hire considerations. Actors resume is similar to a typical resume where personal information is listed down, with career objectives, educational path, acting achievements, skills, and experience. It would normally include good references from producers, sponsors and directors of films and plays for the potential employer to check out the validity of the resume contents.

Actors resume may list out the more famous celebrities of whom they have co-starred with or acted together in any film or movie to lend credence to their acting ability. The more acting experience in whatever form, the higher the actor’s chances of securing his desired acting job to springboard his acting career.

Actors resume template contains the following sections:

* Actor’s personal information

* Educational path and achievements

* Experience

* Identification of plays, movies, films involvement

* Celebrities starred with

* Skills

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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