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Address and Phone books Template

It is a good and important piece of document to record down the address and phone information of family and friends. It may be an electronic world today where many people prefer to store important address and phone information in their mobile phones; but these can be lost easily and hard to retrieve.

It is advisable to list down the important address and phone books information in a safe place, whether on traditional papers, notebooks or electronically.

Some have copies of such important information to avoid loss or damage. The address and telephone information usually go together as you can locate one or the other information easily and quickly.

The Address and Phone books template can have the following basic columns of information:

* First, Middle and Last Name of Correspondence

* Title

* Home Address

* Postcode

* Home Contact number

* Personal mobile phone number

* Email address

Some users prefer to record everything about their correspondence under one location. Hence, an address and phone book template can also include the business information of your correspondence.

* Business Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company contact number

* Fax number

Having your correspondence’s business information will allow you to contact him at work if it is work related.

However, you may want to record further information on a close family or friend such as:

* Nickname

* Spouse’s name

* Birthdates

* Anniversary date

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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