Address Templates

Address Template

Although it is an electronic world today, many people still prefer to keep track of their family, relatives and friends’ addresses together on paper, in some orderly manner; alternatively, the information can be recorded in the computer using an address template that may favor the physical address book format.

The Address template can have the following columns of information:

* Name of Correspondence

* Address

* Contact number

* House

* Office

* Mobile phone

* Email address

If the user uses today’s advanced technology in keeping track of his list of addresses in the above address template, it is possible for the user to keep adding more addresses to his list without worry, depending only on the available memory space. Today’s advanced technology will enable the address information to be updated and sorted in the desired order for easy searching and locating.

There are many ways to record the correspondence name and address information. Some users may want to include the following information for their convenience:

* Correspondence Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company contact number

Though more space will be incurred, the extra information above allows the user to have the complete profile of his correspondences at one place. A computerized address template can be even more elaborate than the above suggestion. You can also sort your correspondence lists in any manner to locate the required information, such as by postal code, company, or name.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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