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Advertising Proposal Template

Advertising is a very necessary factor for the survival of any business. The public needs to be aware of what a company is offering, whether it is products or services. There are so many types of businesses in the world today and so many companies in each type of business. The competition is so stiff that a business can hardly survive on its own quietly.

A company needs to shout out its offerings and blow its own trumpet at times to make it be heard, seen and known. Advertising is a good avenue for the company to achieve the required recognition. But not all companies know how to handle advertising; hence, this task is usually outsourced to an advertising agency that is an expert in that field.

The advertising agency sometimes offers its expertise to companies on its own initiative by submitting an advertising proposal. The advertising proposal will introduce the advertising agency and its areas of expertise. It can also state how the recipient can benefit from engaging this advertising agency’s services. References and proven work results can be attached to an advertising proposal submitted to the company for their consideration and decision.

Pricing may or may not be included in an advertising proposal, especially if it is a first proposal submitted.

Therefore, an advertising proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date

* Advertising agency’s Name & Address

* Advertising contact number

* Introduction of Advertising Company

* Description of services

* References

* Work testimonies

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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