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Agenda Cover Template

An agenda is an important piece of document prepared ahead of a meeting. It allows the meeting to be productive and fruitful by allowing its attendees to get a grasp of the discussion topics at the meeting.

An agenda cover refers to the cover letter which one may send to an attendee of the meeting with an attached agenda for the upcoming meeting. It could be that the meeting calls for many high powered individuals to come together who are of different companies at various locations. Hence, an agenda cover is mailed out to inform the meeting attendees of the meeting with an enclosed agenda for their perusal and preparation.

The agenda cover template is very similar to a normal cover letter, except that its contents refer to the agenda of the upcoming meeting. A copy of the agenda is usually enclosed with the agenda cover letter.

The agenda cover template contains the basic information about the sender and recipient.

* Sender’s Name

* Sender’s Company

* Sender’s Fax number

* Sender’s Contact Number

* Date of Cover letter

* Recipient’s Name

* Recipient’s Company

* Recipient’s Fax number

* Recipient’s Contact number

The body of the agenda cover letter after the salutations and greetings would be directing the recipient’s attention to the enclosed agenda for the upcoming meeting. There may be specific instructions in the letter for the recipient to take note and follow up prior to the meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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