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An agent is instrumental in a business where he acts as the middle man of a transaction. He is the go-between two parties on a particular deal between the buyer and seller. He makes a commission from his involvement. There are many kinds of agent like a property agent who liaises between the property buyer and property owner.

An agent can represent any or both of them, seeking to strike the best deal for all parties involved in a particular business deal. There is also a travel agent who acts on behalf of his clients who wish to purchase some tour package or airfare. The travel agent liaises with the airlines or hotel to make the necessary booking arrangements for his client for a fee.

Hence, the agent for any business deal must be a good communicator to interact well with all types of people. He should have integrity and fairness in his business dealings as well as a charisma which will draw people to deal through him.

An agent must be true to his word so that his client will find him dependent and reliable. He must be responsible on his services and give the best to his clients. He needs to be knowledgeable and experience in his sector of work.

An agent resume template contains the following components:

* Agent’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Educational path and achievements

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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