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Asset Tracking Template

An asset is considered an important item to an individual who may deem the item as great value financially. Everyone has assets. It is advised that all assets are taken note of, or tracked, in a proper manner so that you know the worth of all your belongings.

Some assets may not worth very much, especially the small items; nevertheless, there may be some endearment value or intrinsic value which you have not discovered. It is good practice to track your assets using an asset tracking template, so that you are aware of what you have at any time. This can also reduce your expenses as you can view what you already have.

An asset tracking template header can record the following information:

* Owner’s name

* Date of Listing of Assets

The body of the template can be columns of information recording the assets, such as:

* Asset name

* Asset description

* Purchase Date

* Purchase Price

* Model

* Quantity

* Manufacturer information

* Warranty Number

* Service Date

* Service Description

* Usage %

* Depreciation rate

* Annual Depreciation value

* Current Value

There are many pieces of information that you can record in an asset tracking form, as per your requirement. The asset tracking form can be for your personal use or business use. You can also track how each of your asset is used with the Usage % column so that you’d know if the asset has been under-utilized or otherwise.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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