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Attendance Tracking Template

For any course of study or work, there is a need to engage an attendance tracking tool for accountability. An attendance tracking tool is usually used in school environments where the presence or absence of students is noted. The students’ names and study dates are recorded on the body of an attendance tracking template with the basic details such as teacher’s name, course, venue, time and month.

An attendance tracking tool is meant to keep track of the students’ presence and absence in the course of study to enable the teacher a better monitoring of the progress in the student’s learning progress or work performance.

The attendance tracking template can also compute the percentage of absenteeism or presence of each student as well as the overall class average. It is normally used on a monthly basis where all the dates of the month including its weekdays are noted on the template body and the data are computed on a monthly basis.

In electronic form, an attendance tracking template can store many students’ attendance records for many months and years while allowing comparisons and percentage computations on the students’ presence or absence. These data allow the teacher or institution to take the necessary actions.

An attendance tracking template contains the following sections:

* Teacher’s name

* Course

* Month / Year

* Weekdays

* Month’s dates

* Work Experience

* Students’ name

* Time of lesson

* Presence/Absence Percentage computations

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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