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Auto Loan Template

An auto loan is a loan made out on an automobile that needs to be repaid on a regular basis until the whole loan amount is settled. It is important to keep track of your repayments for an automobile loan so that you can be on top of your finances.

There are many pieces of information that should be recorded in an auto loan to help the user in tracking the outstanding balance of the loan taken. This is also helpful to you in maintaining your budget and assets.

An auto loan template can have the following main sections:

* Purchase Details

* State Sales Tax information

* Non-taxable fees

* Loan Amount

Each of the above section can have further details.

The Purchase Details can contain:

* Sales price

* Destination charge

* Title Transfer fee

* Other Taxable fees

The State Sales Tax information can contain:

* Trade In option

* Cash Rebate

* State Tax

The Non-taxable fees column records:

* Registration

* Service Contract Fee

* Special Plate fee

* Administrative fee

* Late Title fee

* Duplicate Title fee

The Loan Amount contains:

* Unpaid loan balance on Trade-In

* Less down payment

* Less Trade In value

* Less Cash Rebate

Each of these sections has a sub-total column which gives the user an overview of the amount accumulated. There can be some notes which can be written at the side for the user to note.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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