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Auto Repair Invoice Template

All automobiles will need some form of repair at one time or another. You may have your favorite mechanic or for new vehicles, you would probably send your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s workshop if the warranty period is still valid.

When any repair work is done, there would be a repair invoice given to account for the payment amount. There are many items on an auto repair invoice.

These are recorded to assist the automobile owner in understanding what the repair entails. It also helps the owner track the repairs made to his vehicle so that he can be alert to the condition of his vehicle.

An auto repair invoice template can have the following sections of information:

* Garage Details

* Repair Details

The Garage Details can contain:

* Mechanic shop’s name & address

* Contact name and number

* Date of repair

* Automobile owner’s name & contact number

The Repair Details section can contain:

* Automobile details such as

* Vehicle Type & model

* License

* Odometer figures

* Type of repairs

* Item of repair

* Description of repair

* Quantity

* Name of parts

* Item Charge

* Workmanship charges

* Number of hours

* Total charges

* Date of delivery/completion

An auto repair invoice may contain other information such as accessories purchase, mechanic’s recommendations, gas/oil/grease and miscellaneous items. It depends on the auto repair workshop. Some owners require a quotation before repair works are done.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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