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In a democratic environment, be it a country, company, education or at home, there are politics. Everyone loves to have a say and exercise their right to vote for the decision they want. Hence, ballots are important tools of democracy although they may seem to be simple pieces of paper.

Ballots not only represent democracy, it allows one’s right to vote freely and without duress. It is a personal recording of choice without another’s knowledge.

Hence, the ballot template should be simple and clear to perform its primary objective – allowing the user to use it as a vehicle to voice his opinion and determine the path of authority as casted by the votes from the ballots.

A ballot template can have the following components:

* Ballot Title

* Venue

* Date of Balloting

* Candidate name

* Candidate’s Party

* Party logo

Although there is usually no picture of the candidates on the ballot paper, it is possible to have the candidate’s party and the party logo to be placed next to the candidate.

Sometimes, there is no candidate name on the ballot paper as it is the party that is contesting for the position of rule, as in a nation’s politics. Different environments may see different ballot templates. For company or institutional voting, such as for Committee positions, the ballot may display the various candidates’ photographs for a clearer identification of the candidates for the position. Sometimes, the position is also listed in the ballot paper beside the candidate’s name.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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