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Bank Statement Template

Almost every adult or working person would have some dealings with the bank. The smallest type of transaction may be a savings or checking account.

Each type of account with any bank will require the bank to inform its customers the status of account every month. The bank normally sends a bank statement to its customers to inform them of their financial condition with the bank.

Hence, the bank statement template can contain the following types of information:

* Bank information

* Name & address

* Contact name and number

* Branch

* Customer information

* Customer name and address

* Transaction information

* Type of transaction

* Account Number

* Statement date

* Outstanding balance

* Investment Position

* Credit card Position

* Banking Activities

* Special Activities

* Transactions date

* Transaction description

* Transaction amount

* Investment portfolio

Today, the bank statement can be very detailed depending on the bank service level and the customer’s transaction activities. A bank statement can be just one page of consolidated information or it can be a few pages listing all the details of all transactions conducted by the customer

A customer may be involved in some investment or holds a few credit cards with the bank. All related transactions will be listed out on the bank statement to update the customer on the transactions performed. This allows the customer to keep track of his monthly transactions and his account balance.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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