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Bartender Resume Template

Happy hours are commonly celebrated after office hours in most countries where many office workers target the pubs and bars for a time of relaxation with their drink buddies. Bars are especially crowded during the nights and weekends; they have become a favorite place to hang out with friends or business associates to unwind after a hard day or week’s work.

A bar requires bartenders to serve its customers various types of drinks such as beers, wines and spirits. Bartenders are found behind the bar counter where he adeptly mixes the ordered drinks like Bloody Mary, rum, whiskey, gin and Scotch on the rocks. Most of these drinks are high in alcohol content. Bartenders must be very knowledgeable on the types of drinks and be familiar with the various names of the drinks he needs to serve when the customer places an order. He must be able to mix the drinks well to satisfy the customer’s thirst.

Sometimes, the bartender has to be a good listener to his customer’s conversation. He performs his responsibility of mixing the ordered drinks behind the counter.

A bartender can improve his skills through experience and further study of latest drinks in the market or he can be creative to concoct his own signature drinks.

A bartender resume template may include:

*Bartender’s personal information

* Education

* Drinks Knowledge & Skills

* Personality attributes & strengths

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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