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Beauty Advisor Resume Template

Beauty is very important to most ladies and a growing number of men today, especially in the modeling arena. This is where beauty advisor comes in play. A beauty advisor is the expert in skin care to enhance the individual’s beauty. There are natural and cosmetic means to enhance the person’s beauty.

Natural means refer to things that the individual can do for herself such as getting enough rest to avoid black rings under the eyes or eat a balanced and nutritious meal for good and healthy skin. Cosmetic means refer to the assistance of cosmetic products to enhance the person’s beauty or to cover up some physical flaws on a person’s face or body.

A beauty advisor has great knowledge about beauty and related products. She offers beauty advices to those who seek to beautify themselves. She can also be qualified to conduct beauty courses or trainings for aspiring beauticians who wish to make others beautiful.

A beauty advisor must be well read to keep abreast with the styles and skills of beauty makeup. She will then be qualified to conduct demonstrations on how to beautify others naturally or with cosmetic aids.

A beauty advisor may work independently or in a team depending on her work environment. She can train others in the same field.

A beauty advisor resume template may include:

*Beauty advisor’s personal information

* Education

* Makeup Knowledge & Skills

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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