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Beauty Consultant Resume Template

Beauty is very important to most ladies and a growing number of men today, especially in the modeling arena. This is where beauty consultant plays an important role where she advises her clients on enhancing and maintaining their beauty. A beauty consultant is an expert in beauty and skin care naturally and through cosmetic means to enhance the person’s beauty.

Natural means refer to the lifestyle of the individual where he/she is advised to eat a balanced diet with sufficient rest and exercises. A good lifestyle routine is important to maintain one’s beauty. A healthy body is one step in kick starting the beauty regime of any individual. Hence, the beauty consultant must be an expert in total beauty which involves the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual.

Cosmetic means can be used to assist in enhancing the person’s beauty or covering up the flaws through cosmetics. A beauty consultant must be well read to keep abreast with the styles and skills of beauty makeup. She must be wary of unscrupulous new products.

A beauty consultant must be very patient and good in communication skills as she will interact with many kinds of people. She must be a motivator and encourager to get her clients to take her advice for their own betterment.

A beauty consultant resume template may include:

*Beauty consultant’s personal information

* Education

* Makeup Knowledge & Skills

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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