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Behavior Log Template

A behavior log is useful in an educational environment where the trainer, teacher or facilitator is required to monitor the behavior of his learners or wards. This behavior log allows the relevant authority to identify some special or specific behavior exemplified by the participant and proceed to consider the best ways to correct any inappropriate behavior.

This is a good tool for all educators or disciplinarians to change the undesired behaviors of their learners to something more acceptable. The behavior log allows a monitoring of behavior of the subjects under study over a certain time frame before taking action on or against them, so that the right experience can be developed between disciplinarian and subject.

A behavior log template usually has:

* Subject’s Name

* Period of Monitoring

* Facilitator

The body of the behavior log records:

* Date of observation

* Time of observation

* Behavior observed

* Comments

From the above recorded information, the facilitator needs to study the behavior trend carefully before making any conclusions or recommendations. If insufficient data is collected, more observation should be made instead of a hasty ‘solution’.

This type of study is usually long term with a careful eye for details, which should be conducted by the professional researcher or psychologists. Only trained experts in human behavior should conduct such observations as they are responsible to recommend the right types of action for a full recovery or enhanced progress of character in the subject.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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