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Bid Proposal Template

In businesses, there are occasions where bids for a particular project or job are submitted. The successful bid or tender would receive the job offer which contributes to the well being of the organization.

A bid proposal is very important as it is trying to sell the company tendering for the project. Its bid proposal must be not only physically attractive in its layout; it should also be very substantial in its contents to win the task. Hence, a bid proposal template must cater to two aspects: the physical layout and the contents.

The physical layout of the bid proposal is very important as first impression counts. The physical layout should be precise, clear and professional. It should contain:

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company contact information

* Proposal Title

* Recipient Name & Full Address

The Contents of the bid proposal are also very important to stand a higher chance of winning the project or contract. The contents section should consists of:

* Introduction of Company

* Impressive achievements of Company

* Relevant Expertise and Experience of Company to project tender

* Proposal Costs

* Terms and conditions

The Contents section must be a well written documentation on the company and its relevance to the project on tender. The contents must be impressive, and well worded in a formal and professional presentation that will attract the vetting party’s interest to consider choosing your bid proposal over others.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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