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Bill of Sales Template

A Bill of Sales is an important piece of formal and legal document where a point of purchase is made and an agreement between the buyer and seller is established. The bill of sales is to record the transaction between the involved parties with the transaction details stated clearly.

A bill of sales template would contain the following information:

* Introduction of Sales

* Seller’s full name & address

* Seller’s contact information

* Buyer’s full name & address

* Buyer’s contact information

* Date of Transaction

* Date of Bill of Sales

The body of the bill of sales template lists out the pertinent information of the transaction performed in a clear and formal structure. The details of the goods transacted are listed clearly in terms of:

* Product name

* Serial number

* Value

* Description of product

The bill of sales also records any monies that may have been transacted between the two parties to dispel any disputes in the future.

There are also witness columns for both the seller and the buyer over the agreed transaction. The Bill of Sale document works very much like a legal document where both parties agreed to perform the transaction. The body of the bill of sales writes out the specific information to bind the agreement on both parties. Both parties and their witnesses should read through the bill of sales carefully to understand its contents before signing on the dotted lines.


Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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