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Billing Statement Template

When a company performs transactions with another company on a regular basis, there will be a record of those transactions. It is common for a billing statement to be issued by the supplier to the customer on a monthly or regular basis. This helps both parties track the types of transactions that have been performed and confirm the transactions.

Once the billing statement is confirmed, a billing invoice can be issued. Or it can be that the invoices are issued and the billing statement lists all the invoices issued as a confirmation of transaction for payment.

A billing statement template would contain the following information:

* Company Name & Logo

* Company Address & Contact

* Client’s Name & Address

* Client’s Contact Information

* Statement Number

* Billing Date

The body of the billing statement template registers the details of the transaction performed in various columns to confirm the transaction:

* Date

* Item

* Quantity

* Description/Explanation

* Invoice Number

* Payment

* Balance

* Total

The billing statement allows the customer to check through his own records to confirm all the transactions performed with the supplier.

The Billing statement can include the type of payment expected from the customer at the bottom, such as “Cash terms only” or “Please note outstanding balance”. There can be other short note reminders on the billing statement to the customer.

A billing statement can include a remittance section for reference.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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