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Bills of Sales Template

Bills of Sales are important documents which confirm purchases made and agreement upon between two parties: buyer and seller. A bill of sales records the sale transaction details clearly to avoid future dispute with a legal holding.

You can use a bill of sales template to generate bills of sales easily if you are involved in such documents every day, such as a car marketing representative or clerk who has to liaise between the buyer and seller of cars.

A bill of sales template would have:

* Overview of transaction

* Seller’s full name & address

* Seller’s contact information

* Buyer’s full name & address

* Buyer’s contact information

* Date of Transaction

* Date of Bill of Sales

* Product name

* Serial number

* Value

* Description of product

A bill of sales template will allow the user to change certain columns of information to generate new bills of sales easily if many cars or vehicles are transacted every day as with a second hand car dealer organization. Most fields are standard in the same environment. You can modify any pieces of information easily if you have made an error on any of its standard fields.

You can also retrieve any previous bill of sales from the hard disk if you had used a bill of sales template for your earlier transaction. You can store as many bills of sales as the disk space is available.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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