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Birthday Event Card Template

Birthdays are special occasions which are meant to be celebrated; the birthday guy or gal would love to have his/her loved ones around his/her birthday. And if they aren’t available, the next best thing is to receive a birthday card.

A birthday event card is really like a birthday declaration or a birthday card declaring the well wishes of the special day to the birthday guy/gal. It can be purchased or creatively made to give it uniqueness. It can be very colorful with pictures and special words that will touch the heart of the birthday guy/gal.

A birthday event card can be in any format you like; it can be a simple one page or half page; it can come in a card form with pictures on the outside and words of congratulations on the inside. It can be just 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional with or without music. It can be designed with pop-ups. There is no limit to the creativity you can put on a birthday event card.

Hence, the birthday event card template may contain the following components:

* Birthday guy/gal’s name

* Pictures or photos

* Words

* Colors

* Borders / Designs

A birthday event card can be personally designed to convey your deepest feelings for the birthday individual. It can be a very special piece of memory if the pictures are appropriate, the words are touching and meaningful and it is from a loved one.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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