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Blood Sugar Log Template

Good health is very essential to everyone but it is usually sidelined with our busy lifestyle and lack of exercise. When we do not watch our diet, we might consume more sugar than necessary or good for our health. Hence, diabetes may creep up on a person who takes on too much sugar.

A blood sugar log would be a useful tool in recording the blood sugar of a person to identify the amount of sugar in the blood at any time. It usually records the sugar reading at three different times of the day: morning, noon and evening. This type of reading is done on a daily basis for a few weeks to monitor the blood sugar trend in a person.

A blood sugar log can be constructed in the form of a line chart after an input of blood sugar level at the various recorded times each day. A blood sugar log template will take in the blood sugar level at the three sections of day before plotting the line graph for a more graphical view of the blood sugar trend.

Its template may simply contain:

* Daily date

* Morning recording

* Afternoon recording

* Evening recording

It is preferred that the same times of the day are used to measure the blood sugar levels each day for a consistent measurement and a more accurate interpretation of the data.

It can be a weekly recording.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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