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Board Meeting Agenda Template

Before a Board meeting can happen, its agenda should come out and be distributed to its potential attendees a few days beforehand. This will enable its attendees to be well prepared for the meeting and make it a fruitful meeting.

A board meeting agenda is usually formal with various important issues pertaining to the welfare of the organization to be discussed.

The template of Board meeting agenda may contain the following header:

* Company Name & Address

* Date of Meeting

* Board Meeting Title

* Meeting Time

* Venue

The Board meeting agenda can also include:

* Reading list

* Things to Bring

* Reports & Presentation

The template body refers to:

* Objective of the Meeting

* Action Items from the Previous Meeting

* Person(s)-in-charge of action items

* Deadline of action items from Previous Meeting

* New issues for discussion at the meeting

* Presenter & Time frame allotted


The Board meeting agenda can be quite formal as important issues with regards to the welfare of the organization are to be discussed. The agenda lists out the possible actions and reports which may take place during the Board meeting, of which the person(s)-in-charge should be prepared for a presentation or update on his area. The time frame is given to ensure that the Board meeting does not go overtime, unnecessarily.

The AOB, or Any Other Business, column is also listed in the agenda for possible unplanned items to be discussed at the end of the meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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