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Board Meeting Minutes Template

A Board meeting usually happens in a company with high ranking personnel in the company. The attendees of a board meeting are the managers and heads of department who have a responsibility towards the good progress of the company.  The Board meetings should be recorded to track the discussions and decisions made on the business issues.

The meeting may require different managers to report on the status of their unit to check on the cohesiveness of the company departments. Hence, it is essential to have good meeting minutes from the Board meetings so that all departments will be working in unison.

The template of Board meeting minutes may contain the following header:

* Company Name & Address

* Date of Meeting

* Board Meeting Title

* Board Chairman

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

The template body refers to:

* Welcome & Introduction

* Committee Leader’s comments

* Approval of Previous Meeting’s minutes

* Meeting Agenda Items

* New issues brought up for discussion at the meeting

* Deliberation and conclusion of new issues

* Approval of conclusion and actions on new issues

* Managerial reports by various departments

* Meeting Policies


* Meeting Adjournment

The Board meeting can be quite formal and lengthy as serious considerations and deliberations are made pertaining to the welfare of the organization. The meeting may allow for AOB, or Any Other Business, which refers to unplanned items to be discussed at the meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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