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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template

A Board of Directors comprises a group of high ranking company authorities who are very busy people. They hold many profiles in the business environment and may wear a couple of ‘hats’ in the corporate environment. Nevertheless, these high profilers are much sought after for their expertise, experience and knowledge in enhancing a business.

Hence, their meetings are usually very packed with items pertaining to the welfare and development of the company they are overseeing. As they are very busy personnel, the Board of Directors meeting must be aptly recorded for a good follow up.

The Board of Directors may not meet frequently but when this group does, important decisions are made. The company’s direction of growth is steered by the deliberations and recommendations of these custodians. As overseers, they seek to brainstorm the best for the healthy development of the company. The Board of Directors Meeting minutes would be a good reference on the discussions and decisions made with regards to the direction of the company.

The template of Board of Directors meeting minutes may contain the following header:

* Company Name & Address

* Date of Meeting

* Purpose of Meeting

* Directors list

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

The template body refers to:

* Approval of Previous Meeting’s minutes

* Deliberation or Clarification or Updates on Previous Issues

* New issues brought up for discussion at the meeting

* Deliberation and conclusion of new issues

* Approval of conclusion and actions on new issues

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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