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Books are printed materials which should be found in every home, school or office. There are many types of books and these can be shipped from many places all over the world in many languages. There can be soft cover or hard cover books which various authors publish through publishing houses.

Bookshops will be a great source of books that are shipped from all over the world for sale. Libraries would be another source of books where research is undertaken with its myriad of books. There can be academic books, science, fiction, adventure, biographies, recipes, home improvement, mystery and many other types of books that can be recorded as part of the bookshop or library’s stock list.

Hence, the bookshop or library would find the book log useful as it would record the necessary details of every book for reference. It can contain the book title, ISBN, author details, country of origin, date of shipment, date of arrival, cost, tax, storage, distribution details and so on. These types of data allow the bookshop or library or book owner to track the availability of the books, the cost, its sales potential or movement.

Hence, a book log template records information like:

* Date

* Book title & ISBN

* Author

* Country

* Language

* Gist

* Distribution

These books can also be used in reading sessions where the book may be promoted by the local author, bookshop or library.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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