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Book Proposal Template

Reading is a good habit that should be inculcated in our society, especially towards the younger generation. A reading generation is a progressive generation. Hence, more authors are encouraged to take up the writing profession so that there will always be a constant supply of good reading materials in the market for every strata of society.

But all books should be vetted properly to ensure that the standards of the language as well as the relevancy of the contents are uncompromised or unadulterated. Hence, a book proposal is an important tool for the publishers to use in vetting good reading material from the bad ones.

A book proposal template is formulated quite like a questionnaire where potential authors need to fill up for the publisher’s consideration.

The template should consist of different sections of information that can provide relevant information to the publisher to make the right decision to publish or not to publish the reading materials.

The book proposal template should contain:

* Publisher Name & Address

* Potential Author’s Name & address

* Potential Author’s contact information

* Proposed Book Title

* Overview of Proposed book

* Table of Contents of book

* Sample chapter of book

* Description of market segment for book

* Complementary or competitor books

* Reasons to publish your book

Alternatively, a potential author may write in using the above book proposal template to submit his application to write the book as required by the publisher.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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