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Bookmarks and bookplates Template

Everyone loves a good book; a good book makes a good read but sometimes you are too busy to finish a book in one sitting or the book is too thick to be read through quickly.

This is where bookmarks and bookplates come in handy. They allow you to continue with where you have left off earlier. You are able to gather your train of thoughts quickly to enjoy continued reading of the book.

There are many kinds of bookmarks and bookplates; some are very creative and attractive with pictures and colors. Some may be with motivational words to inspire you as you read. Bookmarks and bookplates come in many shapes, sizes, designs and fonts.

A bookmark and bookplate template can have the following components:

* Words

* Colors

* Different fonts

* Sizes

* Pictures

* Shapes

It is up to the individual to select his bookmark or bookplate for a particular book. Many come with a tassel for easier identification of the page. Bookmarks and bookplates can be personalized with the recipient’s name or the giver’s name if given for a specific occasion, such as ‘Happy Birthday!’ These make them more special and unique.

It is easy to design your own bookmark or bookplate; you can decide on the color, picture, shape or size. You can cut out preferred pictures to be pasted onto your bookmarks and bookplates.

Nowadays, creative bookmarks and bookplates come in three dimension with pop up pictures.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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