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Booster Club Bylaws Template

Many organizations or societies form booster clubs to support an associated club, such as the sports team of a school or organization. It is very popular in some countries where these clubs are set up and run by parents. Its primary function is to generate support for the club that it is running.

For example, the Booster club of a school’s baseball sports may want to promote the team’s talents through some fundraising events or friendly district competitions.

These booster clubs are non-profitable organizations with their own structures and laws. There could be membership fees collected to be a member of the booster club. There would be meetings and regulations motioned and passed so that there is a proper structure within the group.

Hence, there will need to be a club bylaw once in a while where the club’s regulations will be updated. These booster clubs are monitored by the state law to prevent undesirable activities that may influence the members and public negatively.

The booster club bylaws will state the types of decisions and activities the committee is authorized to perform. It would state the regulations and boundaries of the members and the use of funds collected for good accountability.

Hence, a booster club bylaw template records the following structure:

* Organization Name & Address

* Date of establishment

* Committee

* Listing of bylaws

* IRS requirements

* Appendices

* Accountability

The booster club bylaw is parked under the state jurisdiction.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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