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Budget Planner Template

Budgets are very crucial to an individual, families or even businesses who want to ensure continuity in their lifestyle. A Budget planner is then a helpful tool to assist you in tracking your financial condition. You can apply the budget planner on yourself or your family unit to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, a simple budget planner template for a family can contain a lot of information like:

* Total Projected Cost

* Total Actual Cost

* Total Difference

The above columns give overview figures of the lump sum figures of the family expenses which can be classified under:

* Housing

* Transportation

* Food

* Insurance

* Entertainments

* Loans

Details under each of the above categories can be listed for more information. For example, in transportation, you can track the types of vehicles used by your family members, the petrol consumption, the repairs, the mileage and the maintenances.

There should also be the Income columns in the budget planner template which records the amount of revenue to the family unit.

The template should record:

* Projected monthly income

* Actual monthly income

* Projected balance

* Actual balance

* Difference

This allows the family to identify the overall amounts of the income and expenses. They can decide together which areas to reduce to increase their cash flow. The budget can also record the family savings which can act as a buffer for any financial emergencies, even if these are unlikely to be used.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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