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Business Accountant Resume Template

A business accountant is a very important person in any company. He oversees the business of the company by keeping track of the company’s accounts to ensure that it is healthy for the company’s continuing survival.

A business accountant has to be far-sighted in steering the company to greater heights in its company performance while checking on the company’s mission and vision direction regularly. Besides an excellent knowledge of accounts, he must be quick to identify potential pitfalls for the company from the accounting figures presented to him. He is responsible to notify the management of poor accounting practices or even operation procedures which may affect the performance of the company.

A business accountant resume will list down the business accountant’s personal information, academic results, academic and professional qualifications, career objective, skills and knowledge besides the accolades and awards attained.

The experience of a business accountant is very important to determine how beneficial he will be to the company. The business accountant will be responsible over the accounting team while being a major management team member to advice the management on the welfare of the company from an accounting point of view.

A business accountant resume template contains the following components:

* Business Accountant’s Personal information

* Education information

* Academic Qualifications & Achievements

* Professional Qualifications

* Work Experience

* Interests

* Awards & accolades

* Publishing & reports

* Career Achievements

* Career Objectives

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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