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Business Award Certificates Template

Businesses thrive on popularity and fame. If a business does well in the market, it is more recognized by the public as well as business associates. Today, there are many ways to recognize the success of a business, and to give the business the extra mileage. One way is to present the deserving business or company a business award certificate.

A business award certificate may seem to be just a piece of paper but its contents are invaluable. The awarding authority and the purpose of the award add value to the certificate. Sometimes the business award certificate is awarded to the COMPANY per se for the success in research or production; at times, the business award certificate is awarded to a particular INDIVIDUAL of the company for an outstanding achievement or contribution.

Hence, a business award certificate may have the following components:

* Title: Business Award Certificate

* Statement of Award

* Award Recipient’s Name

* Objective of Award

* Date

* Awarding Authority signatories

* Official stamps

The Statement of Award is usually quite standard with the statement “This award certificate is presented to <Award Recipient’s Name>”

The Awarding authority signatories and the official stamps at the bottom make the business award certificate a valid and important document.

These are usually presented to the recipient in a special public ceremony. A business award certificate is usually very professionally done up on quality paper and fonts, with specially designed borders.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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