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Business Card Template

Most business people have business cards. Sometimes they are known as calling cards. All sales and marketing personnel have business cards as these small pieces of documents contain relevant contact information for their customers to make contact with them. Sales and marketing personnel are the pillars of the organization as they bring in the revenue for the company.

Hence, it is important that they can be contacted by the customers to close the sale at any time for the company. High level profiles and managers in the company also carry business cards for easy identification or contact. They have to represent the company at important functions, business or otherwise, to promote the company and hopefully, to establish good business ties and opportunities. Thus, a business card is an important piece of paper for many personnel in an organization.

A business card template can have the following components:

* Company’s Full name & Address

* Company’s Logo

* Company contact number

* Fax number

* Website address

* Personnel’s Name

* Job Title

* Contact number of Personnel

* Email address of Personnel

A business card can sometimes display the photo of the personnel for identification purposes. Since a business card is a formal piece of business document, it is usually designed tastefully. The information on the card is usually printed in legible fonts on quality paper for a professional look.

Both front and back portions can be utilized without being too cluttered.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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