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Business Design Slides Template

A design slide is as the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With the stiff competition in business today, a business must do more than the norm and its competitors to win the nods of customers and stakeholders.

A business design slide is very useful in presenting the business information such as products and services to the potential customers in a formal presentation. It can make the presentation very fun and attractive as there can be interesting slides with colors, pictures, tables, charts and figures besides the words which can be in different fonts.

A lot of graphics can be included to make a business design slide more interesting with animation and sound effects.

Hence, a business uses more computer technology to make effective presentations with design slides than the traditional story board format. However, there are some criteria to ensure a smooth slide presentation such as the amount of words on a slide and the color combination. Each slide must be well thought out to showcase the relevant information professionally. The slides must be put in the proper order for an impactful presentation.

A business design slide template may have:

* Company name and logo

* Wizard assistance

* Different font options

* Various graphics manipulations

* Tables and charts

* Choice of lines, colors and borders

* Quantity of Items designed

* Size, shape, fonts

* Description of design

* Backgrounds

* Words

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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