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Business Letter Template

A business letter is a formal letter as it contains business information for the behalf of the recipient.

Many business letters are written every day from one company to another as they deal with lots of transactions. There are many kinds of business letters: sales and purchase, credit, products and services, updates and contracts. A company in business is required to correspond with its business associates frequently in order to obtain businesses for the survival of the company. Hence, a business letter should have a proper template to make a positive impact on the recipient.

A Business letter template is very similar to a structured letter.

It can have the following information:

* Sender’s name & title

* Company Name & full address

* Date of letter

* Recipient’s Name & title

* Recipient’s Company’s name & full address

* Greetings / Salutations

The body of the business letter states the objective of the letter in a formal structure and with proper grammar so that professionalism is conveyed to the recipient. Hence, a good image of the sender and his company is impressed upon the recipient who may be more favorable to conduct business with the sender of the business letter.

The business letter should conclude with some formality such as courteous salutations before the signatory. It can also include the sender’s name and title again as a confirmation of the sender of the business letter. Attachments or enclosures can be included in a business letter.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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