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A list is a recording of the users on a particular system; it can be a computer system list or a strong room list in an environment where security is given a high priority.

A business list is like a tracking log where any user wishing to enter into the restricted area is required to identify him or her self, be verified and approved before accessing that area. Accountability is very crucial in that restricted environment as crucial data or operations are top priority.

A business list may contain very confidential data that can give the business a competitive edge or roll it down the drain if mishandled. Hence, a business list template must be able to generate the right data with sufficient security.

A business list template may simply contain:

* Identification of the environment

* Date of Login

* Time of login

* Exit time

* User identification

* Login password

A business list template can be very simple to hold just the relevant pieces of information so that fast retrieval and processing can be performed in case of emergencies.

It is used as a tracking device on those who logged into the system or environment; it can also capture further information such as accessibility level and files accessed by the user.

It is up to the security administrator of the system to determine the extent of security features required in a business list template in any environment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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