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Business Meeting Agenda Template

Business meetings happen frequently in a business environment. It can be the company’s own business meeting or it can be a gathering of company authorities. No matter what kind of business meeting is to be conducted, it is crucial to have a business meeting agenda to guide the meeting.

A business meeting agenda is essential in preparing the attendees for the meeting; hence, it should be distributed a few days prior to the meeting. The agenda lists the topics to be discussed and hence, the attendees may take note of the necessary preparations to provide the required information or report during the meeting, where relevant. It could be a reading assignment or research work.

A business meeting agenda will also help to keep the meeting on the right track without wasting time on the unimportant issues which many can be diverted easily. Hence, the meeting can be productive and fruitful with the necessary desired outcomes.

The business meeting agenda template usually has:

* Meeting Name

* Meeting Number

* Date & Time of Meeting

* Attendees

* Venue of Meeting

* Reading list / Reports

The body of the business meeting agenda lists all the items to be discussed during the meeting, such as:

* Topics for discussion

* Updates / News


AOB refers to ‘Any Other Business’ which caters to unforeseen issues or topics that may be raised by other members of the meeting at the end of the business meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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